Australia’s first frozen yoghurt to use biodynamic milk and yoghurt

Welcome to Frozen Dessert bar, packed with yummy probiotic goodness!

Frozen By A Thousand Blessings is proudly Australia’s first frozen yoghurt to use biodynamic milk and yoghurt. Locally owned and run, we have been supporting the Biodynamic Farming Industry for the last seven years. Beginning our love of fresh, organic and local produce at A Thousand Blessings Cafe, a small family run cafe in the heart of Melbourne.

We have extended our love of food and all things yummy with several Frozen Bars throughout Melbourne and one in Singapore.

We believe in using the highest quality ingredients in our frozen yoghurt to deliver a high quality product and you can taste the difference. We don’t believe in “fat-free” or “low-fat” yoghurt as the pasteurisation process kills off all the beneficial enzymes and probiotics in your yoghurt.


Friends of Frozen gather here to enjoy, indulge and have fun!


Healthy, fresh and delicious. Full of probiotics and a calcium hit


Friendly and helpful staff to create a welcoming and warm environment